The 2nd edition of the THIS IS WHY series is finally here! 


THIS IS WHY YOU PREPARE FOR COLLEGE: How to choose a school that works for you!

This installment is specifically for junior high and high school students and parents to prepare them for college, covering scholarships, the application process, HBCUs, time management, mental health, community service and etc.


This is much more than a series, it’s a movement. This second installment of the series, gives students the knowledge and eagerness they need to realize that college is a personal investment that they want to embark on. 


Success Without Limitations, Inc.’s purpose is to create culturally friendly environments through educational, social, and community programming. We strive to accomplish this purpose through the co-sponsorship of campus events, high school mentorships, book publications, youth sport organizations, and extensive community service and family-oriented projects. 


It is our responsibility to place our youth in positions and areas that set them up for success. 

The book series is carefully compiled from the experiences and advice of recent students who are now successful graduates, business owners, teachers, doctors, and lawyers. It’s a how-to guide to successfully take full advantage of the college experience by serving as a learning tool to excel outside the classroom, providing information that you can learn from and apply today.


Success Without Limitations, Inc. 501c3 nonprofit organization has been known for mentoring and uplifting the community for the past 10 years. We have made a personal pledge that NO high school student will have to pay for a copy of this book. We are asking for donations of $20, $50, $100 or any contribution you can offer so that we can reach our yearly minimum goal of purchasing 1000 books that will be distributed to schools  as well as organizations committed to the advancement of our youth. 


We are also looking for “Pledge” donations to equate to books:


    • $20=2 books
    • $50 = 5 books
    • $100 = 10 books 
    • $500=50 books


  • Donors will either receive the books to give to students or can donate to a specific school, organization, or to the general cause. 
  • Donors have the option to remain anonymous or receive special recognition on the inside cover.
    • Individual books are also available on amazon and 
    • Receive a FREE kindle download with email sign up 

    The objective is to collect enough donations so that high schools students will receive the books for free. Every donation goes towards the purchase of the book THIS IS WHY YOU PREPARE FOR COLLEGE: How to choose a school that works for you!

    Thank you for your support! We look forward to your involvement in the expansion of the THIS IS WHY movement!

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    “There is more to college than just going to class!”

         The purpose of Success Without Limitations, Inc a 501C nonprofit organization formed to create a culturally friendly environment through educational, social, and community programming which will develop leadership and civility amongst our members and the community. We will strive to accomplish our purpose through the co-sponsorship of community events, extensive community service, family-oriented projects including college student organization enrollment.
          Success Without Limitations on college campuses and in the community will bridge the gap between what is learned in the classroom and what is learned outside the classroom such as dealing with, anxiety, depression, social gathering as a young adult and preparing for the conflicts college students may face. Students will also have an opportunity to gain internships through the organizations strong tides to the community and alumni.
We currently provide:
*Virtual Tutoring classes for middle school and high school students
*Virtual coaching training and skills development in basketball ages 8-13
*Interviews with various college alumni
*Scholarship opportunities for high school and college students
*Fundraising initiatives the SWL community sports teams