Men “Get Pregnant” Too: pregnancy from the life of the sperm

Having a child takes work and, at the very least, it’s a two person job. Both parents, operating as tag team partners, produce the most successful children. At times, one parent will be the one who is stronger in the ring than the other. In many ways, fathers are looked at as subpar parents, but in reality, it is because we allow it to happen. Some fathers expect the mother to do the vast majority of the care for our children. The fact is we created a child together, so it is equally both our duty to care for our child.

This book is not only for fathers; it’s for all parents. Any parent will be able to relate. For mothers who ever wondered, “what is the hell  is wrong with him,” you will have your questions answered. Anyone in a relationship can benefit from this book-whether it be boyfriend/girlfriend, living together, married, separated, “it’s complicated,”-whatever the situation, as long as you have every intention of being there for your partner and the soon-to-be child. 

Men “Get” Pregnant Too is a book on responsibility, preparation, support, advocacy, & parenting.

Sometimes that partnership during pregnancy is SO close that the father has the same ailments during pregnancy as the mother. When pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, weight gain, mood swings and bloating occur in men, the condition is called couvade, or sympathetic pregnancy. Being an advocate for your partner becomes an understatement when you have the same symptoms. This book isn’t only about physical symptoms, Men “Get” Pregnant Too discusses what a father must go through during the pregnancy to prepare for a forever change in his life. Every section in this book will go into detail about the things a father has to prepare for, not only as an advocate, but as a man preparing to provide for a life that will be dependent on him. 

As a father of 5, the author, J. Yancy Merchant, has gone through a pregnancy as a boyfriend, husband, and as a husband with an ex-wife. The idea of Men “Get” Pregnant Too was started over twelve years ago when he decided to start a journal during the first pregnancy at 25 years old. He knew then that a pregnancy would change his life in a way he never imagined before. Writing in the journal throughout each pregnancy including what he was experiencing, what his partners were experiencing, and all of the many emotions, some proved to be very similar and some were vastly different. 

The journal continued for years through several pregnancies. Next was as a husband with an infant. Then, fast forward ten years later, divorced and now remarried, a new journey with a new journal and pregnancy as a man in his mid 30s going through some very similar and different life-changing experiences. The journey has been intense. Being broke, having unstable careers, and having had moments where Merchant didn’t know where money was coming from, he endured pain, disappointment and failure all while having to prepare for children. This book gives honest perspectives from a father’s eyes combining the research and viewpoints of over a hundred other fathers who have given their experiences as well for this publication. 

This book gives the tools to be prepared for a child. This will be your opportunity to be as involved as you choose to be. Don’t make any excuses. There are too many men out there who say they are fathers but come up short. If you follow the advice in this book, you won’t be one of them.

A portion of the proceeds go to the  Success Without Limitations scholarship fund for underprivileged children.

F is for family: New Face ABCs for infants is a family book with familiar words to teach the new addition in the home. Older siblings can read along just as first time parents and grandparents can. All proceeds of this illustration go to the Merchant Children College Fund I hope you enjoy it!