James Yancy Merchant, Jr.

Meet James Yancy Merchant, Jr., the owner of New Face Management, LLC, creator of  Success Without Limitations, Inc and Author of the THIS IS WHY you go to college series.

Originally from Queens, New York, Yancy was a scholar student and talented athlete. His childhood and adolescent years would provide a series of opportunities to gain interest in both the business and event planning industry. Upon graduation from Half Hollow Hills HS West, he and his best friend Sean Washington committed to attending a historically black college noting its prominence in academia and culture would introduce these young men to a new world of possibilities.

Both young men were accepted into the prestigious institution of Hampton University with the intention of developing into young, successful entrepreneurs within the Hampton Roads area. As thriving, full-time students in exceptional academic standing, Merchant and Washington soon befriended fellow scholar Dr. Howard Crumpton and the three would establish the promotional company Straightface Entertainment and also created the historical “12-2” on the campus of Hampton University. In 2005, Mr. Merchant became the sole owner of the company known as New Face Entertainment, Inc.

New Face became more than a profitable company; it evolved into a movement. As their network increased in size and quality, New Face hosted more than on and off campus events. As a company, New Face empowered college students and alumni socially, professionally, emotionally and mentally. New Face provided over $10,000 in scholarships and donations towards student organizations, created numerous internship opportunities for students in their respective fields, sponsored athletic events, hosted mental health seminars, initiated beautification projects, offered tutoring services, donated food and clothing to homeless shelters and so much more.

While managing New Face, Merchant created the community-based component of the company, Success Without Limitations which in 2007 as a graduate Student at ODU created the student organization SWL ((for more information click on the SWL page click here) . Presently  He expanded SWL into the Success Without Limitations, Inc a 501C3 NON PROFIT community-based organization. He also rebranded the company now known as New Face to New Face Management, LLC doing management consulting. He is also the creator, director and producer of This is Why, a series documenting a historical reflection of college life outside the classroom and beyond available now on his youtube page (@newfaceceo) and Instragram ( @thisiswhydoc )

 Never a dull moment, Merchant is also a proud father, working for the city of New York and also developing a series of memoirs on the breadth, journey and lessons learned from his life and  experience in the entertainment business. “This is Why you go to college…A how-to guide to successfully graduate outside the classroom”  and This is how you prepare for college…how to choose a school that works for YOU! available now here