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The ultimate college Survival Guide
Introducing Merchant’s NEW FACE method for Success
This publication is carefully compiled from the experience and advice of college graduates​ ​who are now successful career driven individuals; business owners, teachers, doctors and lawyers, just to name a few. It’s a how-to guide focused on strategies developed to successfully take advantage of the college experience. This will serve as a learning tool to excel outside of the classroom and provide information that you can ultimately master and apply in your daily life.
“There is more to college than just going to class.” Part of the ​THIS IS WHY​ series
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TO ALL THOSE TRYING TO DO BETTER IN LIFE, THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO YOU…. “Fingers interlocked …not one child left behind”

“Equally balanced in its informative yet urgent nature, This is Why has assigned itself the complex task of laying out the foundations of a successful college experience, traversing the multifaceted domains of higher education – from academic and extracurricular to professional and socioemotional. As put by James Yancy Merchant himself – the book exposes the reader to strategies for succeeding “inside and outside of the classroom.” This book achieves that and more by sharing the narratives of former students who come from diverse backgrounds within the African Diaspora – including stories from Merchant himself – that give an honest take on what was and always will be important to overcoming challenges for students of school and students of life. This captivating read took little time to read, but much longer to digest because of the rich material and step-by-step guidance that is provided as the book progresses. As a clinical psychologist and educational consultant, I strongly recommend This Is Why for potential students, parents, educators, guidance counselors, mentors, coaches, or anyone who has a hand in impacting the life of a current or future student of higher learning.”
-Howard Crumpton, Ph.D.
Principal Owner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Reach Out Therapy, LLC Gaithersburg, MD 20878 [email protected]
“AFTER reading this book, I wish I could do College all over again. It’s truly a methodology that will not only make a student successful IN school, but in life. Each chapter gives a new perspective that shatters paradigms of the past so that ANYONE can use EVERYTHING at their disposal to make the most of their collegiate experience. Most of what is learned and experience in higher education, is outside of the classroom. And ‘This is why” gives a formula on HOW to recognize the opportunities for learning, growing profiting and maneuvering through the twists and turns of life; giving the students the opportunity to take advantage of some of the best years of their lives and be AT LEAST 2 steps ahead of their peers.”
-Carl Gray III, Entrepreneur

“This is why is incredibly relatable as a first generation college student I was able to find myself in the book through all of the stories shared making me realize how much more I can do in my own space. High school students please read this book with care and purpose identifying your goals and actualizing them. This is why is a must read for all High school students especially those who are first generation college students. Unlock the tools! This is why helped me unlock more of mine! This is why is a MUST READ WITH CARE AND INTENTION!”
-Chelsea Alexander undergraduate student at Hampton University
“Yes, this is why you go to college! This book is necessary, because it will increase college and life readiness for all. Although it’s seemingly targeted to only high school and college students, I personally attest that it’s for young adult graduates and adults too. The book manages to navigate from college preparation all the way to whole-person and life concepts that add value forever. I was amazed at how it resonated with my past high school and collegiate memories, served as a reminder and refresher of many concepts, and even confirmed my plans and actions as a parent of young children. I implore you to read this book, implement and remember its many recommendations, and pay it forward by living and sharing it! Be blessed and successful!”
-Derrick Taylor, 2006 graduate , Federal Public Sector Manager, and Community Activist

“Y​ ancy Merchant has compiled an essential work that covers the before, during and after of college life. He presents a method for success that is practical and supported by real-life stories from a diverse group of professionals making international impact in their respective industries. This book truly demonstrates that relationships and experiences are often the most valuable component of a successful college tenure and beyond. The advice presented in this work is broad enough for prospective and current college students to apply to a wide variety of personalities and circumstances, while there is a clear focus on HBCU life and the Standard of Excellence that is Hampton University! As a professor and mission-driven communications consultant, I recommend this read for anyone who wants a glimpse of how best to “do college” and those who want to reminisce on this magical time in one’s life.”
~Erica Taylor Southerland, Ph.D.
“This is Why by J. Yancy Merchant, Jr is Intriguing, Inspirational, and Insightful. Through the authors college experiences, he shares his achievements and the connections he gained during his time at Hampton University. Through his network he provides the necessities to living a successful life after receiving your college degree”
– Taylor Gribble Undergraduate student at central Michigan
“This Is Why is the perfect embodiment of ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’. I’m so glad that this type of literature is being produced. This is the perfect ‘compass’ for navigating life ‘outside of the classroom’. From cover to cover, I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of knowledge, advice, and transparency that was given and shown. Yancy has knocked it out of the park with this one! ”
-Imani J. Dunn, Old Dominion University Alumna

“This book holds the most important keys to success when it comes to utilizing your degree. The way it sets you up to win even before you walk across the graduation stage is truly invaluable. For current college students, this book teaches you how to use your own talents to recourses to get ahead in life. For those who have graduated, this teaches you how to repurpose your degree no matter how long you’ve been out. I’ve found a renewed sense of purpose after reading This Is Why!”
-Stephanie S. Walters, TV Personality & Lifestyle Correspondent
“Even being by his side throughout the journey I honestly always wondered how he did it. I wondered what mysterious personal attribute served as the battery to propel him forward in order to sustain such a high level of productivity. In that regard, the most powerful revelation upon reading this book was discovering that the ability to live so fully and maximize this experience wasn’t some unique personal magic that was only available to him, but the fact that it was simply a formula. That may not be as provocative as magic, but it is far more encouraging, for the simple yet powerful fact that the defining characteristic of a formula is that it can be reproduced. The flourish isn’t out of your reach, you just need the proper guidelines to get you there. This book is a necessity for the new college student. Don’t arrive at the end of your 4 years in college feelings incomplete because you never understood the True reason for being there. This is why.”
-Keion McDaniels, spoken word artist and entrepreneur.

The easy part of your journey is reading the book. The hard part is applying everything in the book to your everyday life. Trust me, it can be done. The people mentioned in this book are living proof. ​Please visit​ to watch the stories of all the stories of the college students mentioned in this book. Benefit from hearing their experiences.​ There are over 100 interviews from the ​THIS IS WHY​ YOU GO TO COLLEGE documentary.

As a life-long educator I’ve held a long standing passion for learning, teaching, and helping others to be successful. I taught public school for 10 years, and as a current college professor and author I have the unique opportunity to help other teachers and educators make a difference in their classrooms. In this journey, rarely have I come across someone that is so committed to the success of students, and more importantly, have a plan to help them get to that success.
James Yancy Merchant is a natural leader and born visionary. Knowing his work, dedication, and hustle close to 20 years now I’ve seen the impact he has on others in magnanimous ways. His positive influence and leadership have allowed him to lead some of the greatest causes to benefit students and community alike.
Now, as an author he has the opportunity to help so many be successful in some of the most critical and defining areas that separate the average from the good, and the good from the great. Lessons on how to not only perform well academically, but thrive outside of the classroom, an area of focus that is all too often left out of the equation.
The implications of success in these areas for students is limitless. Gone are the days where grades alone are enough to carry you from one level to the next. Gone are the days when one could simply “go with the flow” to get by. Success as a high school student, success as a college student, and even success in life is all about how you are able to take those academics and build on those skills to foster relationships, have vision, construct dreams and start movements.
The successful 21st century student is one that is the “new well-rounded”. The new well-rounded is someone who has a foundation in the academics, the social-emotional learning and a strong grasp on what it takes to influence self and community for next-level success. This book will give students that blueprint to understand what it takes and how to get there – to be great and successfully graduate in real life studies outside the classroom and beyond.


Shaun Woodly, Ph.D.
Speaker, Educator, Author, Staff Development Expert Website: Email: ​[email protected]

Table of Contents
What you can expect ? 10,000 hours
Merchant’s New Face Method for Success
9 Keys to be an Effective College Student outside the classroom
III. AFTER COLLEGE APPLY WHAT YOU LEARNED Building Character While Creating Your Adult Self

This is far from over Why a SERIES ? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sean Washington
Dr. Howard Crumpton

The purpose of this book is twofold: to prepare future college students for life-changing events and to give actual real-life examples of people who have vast amounts of generationally relatable experiences. In other words, we have been there and done what new students are preparing to accomplish. The goal is for college students to find success inside the classroom and to flourish outside the classroom by igniting the passion that allows every student to realize their greatest potential.
One of my mottos is “Learn from me…learn from us.” It is a principle I have always taught from experience rather than theory. Even before becoming a teacher, I found practical application to be an effective way to convey essential concepts to high school and college students. In the following pages, I will mention specific colleges and universities; but students in any institution can apply these methods. These philosophies and ideas are useful beyond college years and can be applied to your career and life in general. Mentors can use this guide to teach youth the right path to be successful in all of their endeavors.
Each person mentioned in this book attended college. They stem from cities all over the United States. These are true, real-life people and examples–not made up stories. They are all living proof that a mentality of graduating both ​inside and outside​ the classroom gives students the best chance at success.
Every year, high school students contemplate attending college, and many college students consider whether they should stay in school or take a different path. It is helpful to consider college from a new perspective—using a different viewpoint. Consider all the things that happen outside of the classroom and how to use the knowledge you gained in college to navigate those experiences. In so doing, you will use to maximize the impact of your college years. My methods will show you how to take full advantage of college. I will give you tools that will help you excel beyond the classroom by learning from those who already did. Using my New Face Method for Success will help you as you pursue your degree but more importantly, you will leave campus with a ​degree in REAL LIFE STUDIES that will help you face and overcome the challenges that await you.

What can you expect?
Let’s talk about college. It is a time for learning the power of building relationships. It is a place to establish a network of meaningful connections. It is about discovering yourself. It is one of life’s experiences that can help you identify what is important to you and it’s the perfect place to execute plans for your success.
I want you to read this book to learn, of course but I also want to inspire you to teach and spread this knowledge to as many people as possible. I want this to serve as a learning tool for young adults. I didn’t write this series to be a one-time read. It is meant to be a continuous resource for high school students, college students, and teachers of LIFE.
Each section begins with a “Person of Inspiration” or a “Featured Business.” Each person or business is a part of my network and the ​This Is Why documentary. They are examples of people who went to college and were successful outside of the classroom, which ultimately helped them excel in their careers. Each of these people, though not all famous, is an inspiration because of their dedication which has led to their success. Each section also features quotes and advice from nearly a hundred different college graduates. They took the time to add their perspectives to help make this publication be as powerful as possible. It’s important to hear about successful people from the community that aren’t on the TV screen.
I have created a method called ​Merchant’s New Face Method for Success​. This method has been developed through years of direct experience working with people and from listening to and consulting with my peers. If you follow my ​New Face Methods during this phase of your life, you will be more successful in college and after graduating than those who choose just to go to class. After over fifteen years of experience with college students and alumni through my businesses, I am highly confident you will feel more fulfilled while adding value to your degree.

While reading ​This Is Why You Go to College you can expect to read about the different steps to follow past graduation. You will garner the tools needed that my peers and I did not have when we started college. We went in blind. Some of us made the best out of our situation, but we all could have made better decisions had we been more prepared. We have been successful despite our lack of preparation; this has led to our desire to pass on our knowledge to you.

The 10,000 hours
“Put your skills to work”:
On average, people waste about four to six hours a day. That’s twenty-eight to forty-two hours a week, 112-168 hours a month, 1,344-2,016 hours a year. Imagine what you could’ve created if you had used that 2,000 hours productively! College is demanding since it is filled with classes, different organizations you can join, and perhaps a part time job or playing sports. What college life seems to offer little of, believe it or not, is time. Time to be independent, time to do what you want. Time to utilize your skills and achieve greatness! In college, you will have more time than any other period in your life. Being able to manage your time balancing organizations, classes, projects, and fun is essential. It sounds like a lot, but can all be done with proper planning. I always did a good job of managing my time. When people ask me how I balance my days and planning, I say all the time, “I have the same 24 hours as Diddy,” and Sean “Diddy” Combs has to be the greatest master at multitasking I have ever seen.
I learned a long time ago that it takes about 10,000 hours to master a skill when combined with talent. Breaking that down in years, you must practice for six to ten years to get great depending on how often you do it and how dedicated you are. That’s why I instill in all my children and my mentees to get better daily. If you want to do something, DO IT and be great at it especially if you already found your talent. You can learn the skill.
Deon Merritt who is the owner of Real Skills, a High intensity skills program in Queens, New York and played college Division 1 basketball for the University of Richmond and South Alabama University. He spends time in the community encouraging the kids to get better and work hard to achieve their goals. He tells his players that basketball can be a ticket to a free education if you work hard. He encourages them to utilize the tools they’ve been given and use them to their advantage.

If you are not the best test taker and your family isn’t wealthy playing sports and excelling by working on your craft can put you in a position to get that college experience and education for free. Once you get to college, you will be a part of a team that will keep you focused and on task to be successful. Not everyone will become a professional sports players, but you can use sports to pay for your education to do other things in life. Even if your goal is to become a sports agent, a coach, a doctor, own your own business… sports can help pay for your education. The best things is – you will graduate with zero student loan debt placing you one step ahead of a student who didn’t play sports and just went to class. It’s not easy though. It takes hard work and dedication.
Now, let’s look take a look at the 10,000 hours along with Mr. Merritt’s story and apply it to sports, as an example. People with “natural talent” in basketball still need to put in 10,000 hours of work developing their skills. So, whether you are talking about typing, learning how to run a business, practicing law, medicine, or becoming a world-renowned DJ, even someone who is a “natural talent” puts in those hours to be great.
I recommend using the gifts and tools you were born with to pay for your education. You’ve been developing your talents with hard work; do your due diligence to apply for athletic and academic scholarships. Showcase your talents on the court or field or by competing on academic teams to have the best opportunity to get your education paid for by doing what you do best. Find the university that best fits your talents and skills that will pay for you to get a degree doing what comes natural. Academically, your goal – at a minimum – is to have a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) in high school.
I advise people who play a sport or are involved in performing arts have someone record your games or recitals so that you have footage to send to various schools. This is a visual highlight that showcases your talents. Get familiar with video editing programs like Final cut pro and iMovie. Use outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to display your talents. Practice using those editing programs while in high school so that you become proficient with them. Editing footage could also be a source of income to help pay for necessities while in high school and college. Computer Science a major that you may want to consider if editing is something you begin to become proficient in as well. Schools need

your talents and may be willing to waive some or all of your tuition. If you dance or play an instrument, there is a school that will pay for you to do what you love everyday in exchange for a college education.
Let’s round that 2.7 hours a day to three hours. So, an eighteen year old who wants to be a “master” by the time he is twenty-eight should expect to work on his craft three hours a day every day for ten years. Sound crazy? It doesn’t sound crazy to me at all. A productive three hours of daily learning will help you excel. Of course, you will need to have mentors to teach the skills needed and create a realistic path so that you are learning the right way to do things combined with talent. For example, the medical profession creates a path for Doctors to be masters of their craft over a period a time through education and hands on experience.
How much time did you spend in school learning how to read and write? You were taught these things that eventually became second nature. As you continued to learn about reading and writing, you were able to add to your skills. The same applies to sports or anything arena in which you hope to excel. First, you learn the basics, then you add to it, and then you practice, practice, practice. You can adjust the numbers to your specific goals; increase or decrease the hours as age and time allows. But never neglect practice. Nothing is life is given to you. It’s earned. Rememberthatworkingandplayinghardmeansyouneedtoaddintime for rest and recovery.
Using my life as an example, I participated in multiple organizations from the first month I arrived on campus in college. By my second semester, I started an event planning company. During my sophomore year, I had a part-time job and pledged a fraternity. The list of things I did to fill up my time just grew and grew. Without realizing it, I was spending hours a day learning how to communicate, multi-task and network. I didn’t have that natural talent that some people have to play sports, dance, excellent classroom grades. I figured out early that I was good at various things but not great at any one particular thing. So I was spending hours upon hours, learning people, planning, mentoring, organizing and networking. At this point in my life, I wouldn’t call myself a master of a specific craft but I would say, because of the time and dedication I put into those things in totality, I have become very proficient and have success in those areas to the

point that I can teach it to anyone. I have spent close to 10,000 hours learning how to network, multi-task, mentor and planning with various people, events and organizations and now I have put into my method for success.
A major component to my method is planning and having goals while always keeping in mind that it takes roughly 10,000 hours to become a “master of a craft.” You have to dedicate yourself to taking the time every day to learn and get better at what you want your craft to be. How does knowing this change the timeline for your goals? Does it change your commitment? Remember, I gave a few examples from sports, to the medical field to networking but you can work on being the master of any craft YOU want.
No matter how old you are, no one knows ​you better than you know yourself. You spend 100% of your life, 24 hours a day, seven days a week working on yourself. You may not realize it, but now is the time to think about what you want and how you can achieve it. Write it down, visualize it, and own it. You’ve probably had some goals even at a young age. You’ve probably have plans even if they have changed over time. What charges you up? What gets you to be productive in life? Only you know what motivates you. Think about what you care about on a daily basis. Think about what wakes you up every morning. That is your passion and your drive. Stick to that and let that be the fuel for your success in life. Listen to the advice I am giving you. Listen to the advice and stories of others in this book, and learn from us. I am writing this book after years of success. But it’s the failures that have led to the most valuable lessons. It’s never 10,000 hours of success! Learn from both so that you can do better moving forward. I want you to be a thousand times more successful than anyone I have ever come across in my own journey. All the others associated with the production of this book feel the same way.
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Welcome To College
What if I told you your college degree isn’t worth much more than the paper it’s printed on if all you did to obtain it was go to class and get good grades?
When people think about college, they often focus on the degree they are working toward and forget that there is another side to the college experience. There is a Yin and Yang to it. The Yin and Yang are ancient Chinese principles symbolized by two different colored pieces (representing inseparable opposites) that form a whole to illustrate the contradictory nature of all things. Two opposite natures must work together to form a whole.
If the degree you earn in the classroom is the Yin, you need the Yang to complete the experience. If you only focus on the Yin, you will be unbalanced, unfulfilled, and incomplete. In a sense, the time you spent in college will have been wasted. On the other hand, your degree will be exponentially more valuable if you include tools to help you ​graduate outside the classroom. You will be able to magnify your learning and offer your skills to the marketplace as a full package.

In all honesty, the degree is just the icing on the cake. The most beneficial thing about college are all the moving parts outside the classroom, all the growth that takes place. The degree is the paper that says “I did it.” It’s the verification of your success. But that piece of paper will mean so much more if you apply what you learn here.
In a four-year institution, typically students are working on a Bachelor’s degree. During that time, you are referred to as an undergraduate student – ​undergrad for short. As an undergrad, I wanted to be successful in everything I did. From my freshman year, I was active in multiple organizations. I wanted to touch every part of campus possible. You will see, that will be the common theme of this book, as well. The set up for success starts early. Have fun, but get active. Even as a freshman, my first year, I started a business with my best friends called Straight Face/New Face Entertainment. Whenever We did anything as the owners of our event planning company company, it doesn’t feel like a job. It’s just fun!
Graduate school is more advanced and comes after the Bachelor’s degree has been completed. You may go to Graduate school solely to achieve a Master’s degree program, or you may enter a program where you earn a doctorate (e.g., PhD, EdD, etc). I completed a Bachelor’s degree and went on to attend Graduate school. I took the opportunity as a graduate student to start a student organization while I also worked on my event planning company and worked as a high school teacher. I was motivated every morning and wanted to get up first thing to teach my students and interns something new while in school myself. It didn’t feel like a job. I felt like a rich, fulfilled life. That’s what you are looking for. You want work to generate income but not feel like you’re working. You want to do something in life that is fun, and you just happen to make money from it.
I have reflected on my time as a young adult and realized that, although many of the choices I made then didn’t seem critical at the time, it turned out to be some of the most life-changing decisions I’ve ever make. Young people are told by parents and other influential adults tell that college is the natural next step after high school. What is college? Is it supposed to be the 13-16th grades? Or is it a place we went just to leave the house where we grew up?

For the student who hates going to classes and/or isn’t the best test taker, college could seem like nothing more than four more years of more exams, teachers, and grades. College students know that it is so much more. But how do prospective students get a handle on what college life is like? How would they know that college literally changes your life the minute you move away from your comfortable hometown and step foot on that college campus with bags in your hand into a dorm room? College is certainly not a second high school experience. The life of a college student has officially changed for the better with this book in hand.
College opens opportunities you would never have if you stay in the same place you were in the 12th grade. College gives you the chance to meet people from places you have never been. You can come from Dallas, Texas and meet someone from Queens, New York. You can be a guy from Washington, DC and meet girl from Rancho Cucamonga, California. You will meet people from places you saw on TV and learn that they are just like you. They are confused and excited at the same time about being away from home.
If you were antisocial in high school, you will find that there are just as many antisocial people there; you are not the only one! Now you can be antisocial together! (See what I did there?) Let’s say you come from a home where you get everything you want and need. Food is not a problem, transportation is no problem, and on top of everything else, you are the most popular kid in high school. College will show you that – little did you know – there are hundreds of people in the college just like you who were president of their classes or star athletes. You will meet students have their own cars, and never missed a meal in their lives. This revelation also happens for someone who did not have all they hoped for in high school, wasn’t the star athlete, and didn’t have everyone stop the world when you walked the hallways. There are just as many of those people in college like you as well.
College will force you to figure out how to spread twenty dollars over two weeks. It will force you to become an adult and have a blast doing it. College will take you out of that comfort zone called ​your family​. It will introduce you to

new people who will become a different kind of family. College is necessary change that will force you to mature.
Using my ​New Face Method for Success System, you can easily navigate the transition from your familiar hometown surroundings to the choppy waters of a diverse campus culture. Your ability to learn how to interact, connect and network with people “outside the classroom” will prove as valuable to you as the degree you will receive.
You should never forget that the degree is very important. Early in life, I was given great advice by my father, Pablo Porter: “A high school diploma is nothing now-a-days. A Master’s degree is proof you can learn a specific craft and a doctorate is proof you can become proficient with a specific craft. A college diploma is proof you can be taught.”
Sometimes that proof is good enough to get your foot in the door for an interview. But then what? I’ll give you a personal example. I graduated from college in 2005, cum laude, with a bachelor’s degree in business management. After a year of working as an executive account manager handling wireless services for corporate business, I wanted a change. Along with two of my best friends, Shaun Woodly and Keion McDaniels, I decided to go into the education field as a business teacher. I was hired in Newport News public schools teaching high school business classes. I taught keyboarding, business management, and a few other electives. At the time, I was pursuing a Master’s in business administration at a much larger public University in Norfolk, VA – Old Dominion University. I was given provisional status because I did not have a Master’s degree in Education. My Bachelor’s degree was sufficient to land the teaching position on a temporary status for three years, giving me time to earn my Master’s. The Bachelor’s degree was proof I could be taught, and the Master’s degree was proof I had learned a specific craft.
What I learned outside of the classroom are the skills that helped me excel in my profession. In the above example, the skills were in the education field. But these principles apply to any profession. Even still, the degree is still necessary as proof you can be taught (Ying/Yang). Although I wanted an MBA, I needed to change my major to education in order to keep my position. Everything I learned

in college and what I will teach you in this book will help you get in the best positions post college. However, it is imperative to complete at least your Bachelor’s degree. In some cases you may need even further “proof” than that whether it is a Master’s, law degree, doctorate, etc.
What you’ll learn here will teach you how to be above the rest once you get that degree and begin to compete. No matter what anyone told you, life is a business and a competition. There is always someone who wants to be where you are, and there is always a point you want to reach that someone else has tried to get to. You have to wear the proverbial chip on your shoulder and have the confidence that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. But don’t be so cocky that you fail to learn from people and neglect to first do your research on whatever you’re attempting to accomplish.
What you learn and how you maneuver and position yourself in college outside the classroom will get you what you want in your career. Trust me, reading this book along with actually following my methods will steer you in the right direction.
Throughout this journey, I will ask you questions for you to think about and discuss with others you know who are going to college. I will give you examples of current students and alumni who have already walked the path and have wisdom to share.
For the adult-motivators reading this who may be looking for answers to give others, I want you to think about your life and explore new and innovative ways to advise students. I encourage you to think about how it felt to be a teenager and how you would have liked to be helped with the important decisions college students have to make.
For teenagers thinking about college or already in college, I want you to open your eyes and see the potential of greatness ahead of you. The world is yours to conquer and this book will add tools for you to use to build your world.
I wrote this book with this question in mind: What would I say if I was able to tell my eighteen-year-old self what to do when it comes to college – if I were to

give myself advice based off what I realized later in life. How would I advise someone to with regard to all of the nuances that lead to success in college life: surrounding oneself with the right people, making wise financial decisions, joining particular organizations, balancing time correctly, and identifying their long-term goals. If I could have told millions of eighteen-year-olds what I learned, this book would be the answer. I have laid it out for you. ​This is Why is a learning mechanism that walks you, step-by-step, to the success you desire.

II. New Student Orientation Building character creating your adult self
Merchant’s New Face Method for Success
9 keys to be an Effective College Student outside the classroom
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