Success Without Limitations

In 2004, through New Face Entertainment, Mr.Merchant put a name to the various community service ventures done as a company calling it Success Without Limitations. An assortment of college students applied and received financial scholarships. Student organizations such as fraternities and sororities, received monetary donations in the thousands. Seminars like suicide and depression were held by our company. Campus beautification projects were also planned and executed, like the repaving of basketball courts on the campus of Hampton University. In 2007 James Yancy Merchant, created the student organization  SWL (Success Without Limitations) on the campus of Old  Dominion University as a graduate student, which is still active to this day.

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The purpose of Success Without Limitations, Inc  a 501C nonprofit organization formed to create a  culturally friendly environment through educational, social, and community programming which will develop leadership and civility amongst our members and the community. We will strive to accomplish our purpose through the co-sponsorship of community events, extensive community service, family-oriented projects including college student organization enrollment.  

Success without limitations on college campuses and in the community  will bridge the gap between what is learned in the classroom and what is learned outside the classroom such as dealing with, anxiety, depression, social gathering as a young adult and preparing for the conflicts college students may face. Students will also have an opportunity to gain internships through the organizations strong tides to the community and alumni.

We currently provide:
*Virtual Tutoring classes for middle school and high school students
*Virtual coaching training and skills development in basketball ages 8-13
*Interviews with various college alumni
*Scholarship opportunities for high school and college students
*Fundraising initiatives the SWL community sports teams
We are looking to expand success without limitations to high schools and colleges across the country.
We want YOU to be apart of the movement.

Contact:  [email protected] to start a SWL at your high school or college