THIS IS WHY you prepare for college

How to choose a school that works for you!


This is why you prepare for college is the college preparatory book as part of the THIS IS WHY series. This publication is intended for anyone invested high school students including parents, educators, mentors and most importantly the student! I am here to prepare you for success in college by ensuring you make the right choice for YOU while in high school. Understand that there are things you can control leading up to which college you choose. You will be better prepared socially, mentally and physically for your journey of higher education inside and outside the classroom after reading this. What you learn in the classroom in high school is important and you need to work hard to achieve the grades as apart of the process but while you are being the best person you can be in class you also need to do your part outside the classroom. 

Some of the topics include:

  • Researching scholarships and grants to have your education paid for 
  • Choosing the right college for you 
  • Time Management
  • Being and leader and exemplifying strong characteristics 
  • Networking and community service
  • Mental health awareness

“There is more to college than just going to class.”

Part of the THIS IS WHY series 


This text is a motivator for experiential learning and what it means to mentally and emotionally prepare for an experience that will intrinsically develop incoming students and their supporters pre-college. 

Coupled with shared personal stories and a communal voice, “This Is Why You Prepare for College” fosters the idea that true success stretches beyond first selecting a major and instead illuminates the difference between interest and passion, self-assesses mental capacity, leans into the significance of serviceable connections, draws upon the power of healthy circles, and showcases how to maximize resources. 

The rationale for its content is clear and gives permission to curiosities embedded in the preparation process. Every consideration, to best prepare for a journey of scholarship, spans the lines of these pages. I recommend this text for education practitioners, deans, high school counselors, administrators, stakeholders, community members, adult learners, returning students, and parents.

James Yancy Merchant set out to create a learning tool and I’d consider this a job well done. 

-Jovan Brown, School Leader and Writer in Brooklyn, NY

“This is Why You Prepare For College by J. Yancy Merchant, Jr serves as a road map for high school students. Through the authors detailed examples and resources he provides the necessities students need to be successful during their college years. Furthermore, he breakdowns each step from beginning to end so that students are prepared. Merchant primary goal is for students is to go into college debt free, ultimately being ready and staying ahead of the game.”

– Taylor Gribble undergraduate student at Central Michigan University